Biometric Services

We offer fingerprint-based biometric authentication solutions that include customer and employee check-in, access control, liability waiver verification, payment acceptance, employee attendance, and more. Our solutions are integration-ready, and we have options for licensing our algorithms and/or white-labeling our software. Development support, in-house customization, and other consulting services are available.

You can view our RESTful and other public APIs on Github. We also offer a range of private APIs. Our software applications work across many different types of commercially available fingerprint scanners, and we offer our own hardware solutions as well.

We provide customer, guest, member, and other digital check-in solutions. With Yombu, end users can check into a spa or medical appointment, fitness personal training session or group class, and many other activities with a simple fingerprint scan. Daycare facilities, schools, and sports complexes use Yombu for child drop-off and pick-up verification as well. For guest check-in, we offer tablet and web-based software to capture name, email, birthdate, and/or other data.

Biometric solutions mitigate fraud while enhancing security, customer satisfaction, transaction speed, and convenience. Yombu’s software is integrated with Mindbody and Clover POS, in addition to other management systems.

Whether you need a biometric access solution for a fitness center or yoga studio, amusement park, business’ front desk, security access point, community pool, construction site, apartment building, or something else entirely, Yombu offers fingerprint-based biometric software and hardware solutions to meet your requirements. Our access control services enhance security while offering a quick and convenient means of entry for end users.

Yombu’s software is integrated with Mindbody, Clover POS, and Motionsoft, in addition to other management systems. For gyms, yoga and pilates studios, and other fitness centers, we offer a range of entry solutions integrated into club and studio management systems. Our entry systems are fully configurable and integration-ready.

Loyalty programs keep customers coming back for more. Now all a customer needs to instantly earn rewards is a fingerprint. We can configure loyalty and rewards offers to suit your needs, whether you want a system based on spend, visits, points, or something else. Yombu also offers text, email, and in-app marketing programs.

We offer a Clover POS-integrated loyalty model, ideally suited for coffee shops and quick-serve restaurants. Our platform is designed to serve a range of in-person loyalty and rewards settings.

Paying with Yombu is simple and fast. Customers link their credit and debit cards to their fingerprint, allowing them to pay at your business without cash, card, or phone. Paying by fingerprint improves customer satisfaction, increases line speed, and encourages customers to spend more. Our payment services can also be linked to loyalty for a two-in-one solution.

We offer self-serve payment terminals, allowing customers to checkout without a cashier. This model is particularly well suited for coworking spaces, fitness centers, and other member-based organizations. We also offer a Clover POS-integrated model, ideally suited for coffee shops and quick-serve restaurants.

Yombu has existing payment integrations to more than 25 major payment processors and can accommodate your processor of choice. We comply with all relevant PCI standards. We are also preferred partners of Worldpay, an industry-leader in payment processing.

For time and attendance, we offer our own proprietary biometric hardware and software system. This includes access to a web-based administrative portal for uploading employee data and running reports on time worked, breaks, and more. The Yombu timeclock device is WiFi-enabled with an LCD capacitive touchscreen.

Yombu’s biometric time and attendance system provides an accurate record of who is on site at any given time. PIN numbers and punch cards can easily be lost, stolen, or passed between employees. But with Yombu, employees check into their shifts by scanning their fingerprints.

Our biometric system also eliminates fraud due to “buddy punching”. While some hourly workers may only arrive 10 to 20 minutes late, buddy punching can create substantial business losses when compounded across employees and over time. Gaps in employee coverage can also result in security issues or lost revenue opportunities.

Our system is fully configurable to include relevant business rules such as auto-clock-out and lunch and break punching. The software is capable of integrating with ERP, financial, member management, POS, and other systems.

About us

Yombu is a software and biometric company focused on creating amazing, digital-first client experiences for all areas of the customer lifecycle.


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